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Are you tired of all your reusable bags being different shapes and sizes?  Have you been embarrassed when the cashier pulls out your bags and it looks like the picture below?  BagHen offers an organized, convenient, and consumer/cashier friendly solution.  Don't slow down the line.  Make your cashier GRIN and use a BagHen!


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See BagHen In Action!

YouTube Demonstration Link -Bag Stand and Checkout line

                 YouTube Channel Link - Reload Bag Hen


​​Use your BagHen at all of these retailers...

Walmart, Albertsons, Sprouts, Henry's, Minyards, Target, Tom Thumb, and most stores that have plastic bag stands or plastic bag dispensing arms. 


BagHen is a NEW Patent Pending convenient way to organize, carry, and use reusable bags.  BagHen sits on top of and connects to a stores' bag stand or dispensing bag arms, so you or the cashier can load your reusable bags just as if they were loading a plastic bag, without slowing down the checkout line.

BagHen unit comes with plastic apparatus, SEVEN reusable bags with rectangular bottoms and plastic inserts, three bungees for connection, locking wire for bags to hang on with knobs attached, and elastic cord to hold bags neatly.  Strap and Bag Stand  pictured above and below are sold separately and not included in unit purchase..

BagHen Customers are saying...

-Your cashier will LOVE you!

- I always remember my bags with BagHen!

​- Makes using Reusable Bags so EASY!

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~  L&D Embroidery, Rowlett TX
~  Presbyterian Hospital, Dallas TX


Average Family will eliminate 250+ plastic bags from landfill per year by using BagHen.

Where to buy BagHen

Never Forget Your Reusable Bags Again!

BagHen has a primary connection with   top bungee, and alternate connection with two back bungees for sliding on bag arms.  BagHen works great at most stores with  bag stands or bag dispensing arms.   Remember to only use reusable bags for non-perishable food items and not for food that contains bacteria like meat or eggs.  You Tube instructional video links for applications above.

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Makes using Reusable Bags so EASY!